Prestige - Distribuidor Benalmádena y Málaga

The PRESTIGE ® are exclusively styled by the best specialists in marine industrial design, the designers Garroni. In close collaboration with the Design Team which is responsible for the hulls, together they create the lines, integrate the materials, and craft modern forms of the new Jeanneau powerboats.

The Prestige are built in a vast Shipyard Covering a surface area of over three hundred eighty thousand square metres, spread over five production sites, and employing over two thousand people, Jeanneau ranks among the world’s largest shipyards to be certified for meeting ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental safety standards. To create and develop the Prestige line, beyond skill and know-how, there must be passion. For more than fifty years, our passion has driven us to design, build and innovate. Enthusiastic sailors and power boaters, we share our customers’ dreams of salty spray and sea foam, of sun and escape from the everyday. We achieve excellence in our field by employing the finest technology available. With Dassault Systems’ CATIA, the most powerful computer-aided design software on the market, our boats are designed and tested upstream. From a boat’s inception, we employ the most respected naval architects (French, Italian and American) to work with our design team, and we take care in selecting suppliers known for superior quality and environmental safety records.

Prestige Boats in Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain.

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